Puppy Foundations

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Your guide for getting through all of the challenges of raising a puppy to come out with a confident, well-rounded dog.

What you’ll learn

-How to crate train your puppy

-How to potty train your puppy

-The importance of feeding schedules

-How to be a good leader for your puppy

-How to get through the puppy biting phase

-What proper socialization actually looks like for puppies

-How to raise and obedient puppy that engages with you

Puppy Foundations is for you if…

-You are planning on or are currently raising a puppy

-You want simple and to the point explanations

-You want to end up with a confident and obedient dog that engages with you

-You want general knowledge on how dogs learn

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Puppy Foundations is a standalone product and does not include any 1:1 coaching.

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Puppy Foundations

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